November 30, 2012, by MinYoung You

Nottingham University TV Station; is it worth watching?

While it’s easy to find TV stations run by media students in most universities, it’s rare to find ones that make a big impact on the campus culture and community. Recently, I got to be involved with Nottingham University TV Station China (NUTS China), in a programme called “Fashion Icon”. The experience I had changed my perception of the station.

NUTS China has three main channels; news, entertainment, and culture. The news channel focuses on hot topics from the important university events to controversial social issues, while the entertainment channel handles programmes related to music, quiz shows, and more. The culture channel was the one I was involved in and it emphasises movies, travel, and fashion.

“Fashion Icon” is a programme where students introduce their own fashionable looks. I was flattered (and surprised!) when I was asked to be one of the guests for their new volume. Learning how these programmes are made and the effort and skills which go into them, was really impressive to see. Also, getting to know everyone who was involved was definitely a cool experience. Moreover, I was really impressed by the energy levels from the NUTS staff. They were very passionate and responsible about their programme!

After this, I was interested to see what else NUTS’s and its channels had to offer; many exciting and interesting videos. My favorite has to be “UNNC style” – a parody of the good old “Gangnam style”. 751,000 views tell us that this version was exceptionally well made!


Here are some links you should check out:

Fashion Icon Vol.6 –

UNNC Style –

NUTS China Official Website –

NUTS China is an important asset to UNNC and we are lucky to have such an enthusiastic society at our university. I’m looking forward to watch more quality programmes created by them!

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