July 14, 2015, by Rose Bramwell

Chemistry Summer Party was hoppin’

It’s not every day you look out your window to see a load of academics aspace2nd students bouncing by on a space hopper and I’m sure those in ELSC got more than they bargained for when they looked out of their window last week.

Last Thursday afternoon saw the second Annual Chemistry Summer Party take place in the graduation marquee with the space hopper arena placed outside the main entrance of chemistry (this didn’t come without an extensive risk assessment on the dangers of hopping)

Proceedings started with a space hopper race with 14 teams competing in knockout relay races and whilst not everyone had the opportunity to bounce, it was just as hilarious to watch!

After whittling it down to three  teams, the B52 Bombers, The Super Acids and Martyn’s Minions,

each team had their very own Usain “Bouncy” Bolt take part in the sprint finish final with Martyn’s

minions taking 1st place, congratulations Minions; you’re officially the best bouncers.IMG_20150709_121323388


After the excitement of the space hoppers, everyone made their way to enjoy the refreshments and take a load off, accompanied by Daniel Smith, a Chemistry PhD student who serenaded us with some wonderful and relaxing piano music.daniel






A BBQ was hired to dish out hot dogs and burgers before the quiz started.

Big thanks go to Bethany Adams and Helen Sharpe for hosting the quiz, consisting of “ungoogleable” Chemistry related questions and a picture round of members of staff as babies; some guesses were rather questionable though…

Congratulations to the winners of the quiz, “Norfolk and Chance” who are now the new owners of the quiz trophy.quizquiz2

The wooden spoon prize went to some guys in Blonde wigs congratulations for coming last guys!

The same guys also won the Best Dressed Team Award for their attempts to “clone” Steve Howdle!

Our Award Winning technician Jo Green wrapped up the day with her band, Falling Down who played the hits of the 80s mixed with a few modern tunes thrown in for good measure.


Lastly, Thank you to everyone who put down their test tubes took off their lab coats and came to this year’s party, there are some pictures available on the Shared Drive (Science, Chemistry, Chemistry Photos)…but first..here’s the final race… in slow motion… with some Chariots of Fire.

Roll on next year!

Click HERE for the Space Hopper Race








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