November 10, 2015, by Rose Bramwell


In this month’s RSC news magazine, four familiar names were mentioned. Those 4 names are Paul Anastas, Nigist Asfaw, Richard Wheatley and Julie Beth Zimmerman.

All four have been admitted to RSC as fellows in this month’s edition of RSC news, which also features 175 Faces leading the way in Chemistry.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is a 175 year old globally recognised body with more than 51,000 members. “We are committed to promoting, supporting and celebrating inclusion and diversity. We understand that the success of our community depends on our ability to nurture the talent of the best people regardless of whom they are or their background”.

Paul AnastasPaul Anastas is the Director of Centre for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering alongside his wife, Professor Zimmerman who is the Associate Director of the same establishment; he is the esteemed friend of the School of Chemistry. Paul’s work entails research into increasing the understanding of the molecular basis of sustainability. Having received his PhD from Brandeis University, Paul worked as an industrial consultant and over the years has been greatly involved with establishing the green chemistry field. Dr Anastas has published many publications across the science spectrum including Green Chemistry Next: Moving from Evolutionary to Revolutionary, toward designing safer chemicals and toward substitution with no regrets.




Dr Nigist Asfaw has just been promoted Associate Professor of Organic chemistry at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.
Nigist AsfawNigist is a Guest Lecturer in the School and continues to collaborate with colleagues here in the School of Chemistry, alongside Martyn Poliakoff and Pete Licence; Nigist founded Green Chemistry in Ethiopia where she is keen to promote within schools in Ethiopia.  Her research area is in Natural Product Chemistry, Essential oils and Green Chemistry.  Her husband, Professor Sebsebe Demissew, is the le3ading botanist in Ethiopia and received an Honorary DSc from our University in 2010.  He has just published a jointpaper with researchers on our Malaysian Campus.




Dr Richard Wheatley is currently an Associate Professor and Reader in Theoretical Chemistry here at Nottingham since 1995 after graduating from the University of Cambridge and completing a postdoc Richard Wheatleyresearch position at the University of Western Ontario. Richard’s research interests include the understanding of thermodynamics, spectroscopy and dynamics of weakly bound molecules and computational studies of supercritical fluids, including carbon dioxide mixture.





Professor Zimmerman is currently the Associate Director at Yale’s Centre for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, her research interests range from focusing on Green Chemistry and novel bio based sorbents for purification of drinking water.Julie Zimmerman As well as undertaking the Associate Director’s role, Julie is also appointed as the Donna L. Dubinsky Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering which is linked to the Chemical and Environmental Engineering department at Yale.

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