May 6, 2015, by Elena Nixon

A 14-year old Pioneer Member of Youth Parliament for Nottinghamshire!

As the nation prepares to head to the polls, I would like -on behalf of the CANDAL team- to congratulate fourteen-year old Dylan Wilson on his success in being elected as the Pioneer (Disabled) Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for Nottinghamshire.

The UK Youth Parliament has 600 MYPs aged 11-18 who are are elected in annual youth elections throughout the UK. Dylan is one of eight teenagers selected to represent the views of young people in Nottinghamshire. Dylan is from Ruddington and lives with Tourette Syndrome. He has an active interest in the latest developments in Tourette’s research and has contributed to Tourette’s research by taking part in studies run by members of the CANDAL team at Nottingham University. As Suzanne Dobson, chief executive of Tourettes Action, reported, Dylan’s primary goal in his newly appointed role will be to increase awareness of mental disabilities. Dylan himself said: “I am looking forward to the challenge and giving young people a voice as we live in a democracy” (Nottingham County Council Press Release, 20 April 2015*). All the best in your political endeavours Dylan!


* For a link to the Nottingham County Council Press Release 20 April 2015, please visit:

Dr Elena Nixon, Member of the CANDAL team

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