June 15, 2017, by Elizabeth Liddle


RECOGNeyes is a computer game that you play using your eyes as the game controller. It has been developed at the University of Nottingham in collaboration with people with ADHD. The game is designed to train people to have better control over their attention.  As you advance in the game, you learn to control different aspects of your visual attention system.

The game has been developed as an intervention for training attention in ADHD. However, it may also have wider applications. For instance, it may help people with dyslexia, autism and other conditions in which learning greater control over your direction of gaze could help. Apart from improving attention, it is also a fun challenging game to play. It can be a strange sensation for players at first to have the game play on screen wholly determined by how they move their eyes. The game isolates specific aspects of attention in a unique manner, and it is immediately evident to players that they must carefully control their attention if they wish to succeed.

Two critical aspects of the game that support learning are that:

  • Players receive continuous immediate feedback while playing the game
  • The difficulty of the game continually changes to match the players current level of performance

We continue to develop the game. We have recently presented the game at a local ADHD group meeting. We have also provided equipment and the game to individuals we ADHD so they can play it in their homes. Currently, local schools are making the game available to pupils. The information we gather in this way will allow us to

  • Further develop the game
  • Understand the best environment for people to play the game


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