February 23, 2015, by Elena Nixon

‘Happiness’ lessons to be introduced in schools

UK government advisors and policy makers called for a new priority emphasis on young people’s mental wellbeing, in their report on Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children presented at the World Innovation Summit for Health last week (17th February, 2015).

1 in 10 British children and adolescents are suffering from mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, highlighting the need for the provision of psychological interventions early in life. One of the suggestions of the report was to introduce an hour’s ‘happiness lesson’ every week in schools to address young people’s emotional and social needs too, and to teach them important life skills. Panel members reported that the best predictor of whether a child will become a satisfied adult is not their academic achievement but their emotional health in childhood, followed by their conduct.

To read the full report ‘Healthy young minds: Transforming the mental health of children’- Report of the WISH Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children Forum 2015, click on the following link: http://dpnfts5nbrdps.cloudfront.net/app/media/1432

To view a podcast of this panel discussion, go to: http://www.wish.org.qa/summit/2015-summit/sessions/day1/panel-discussion-mental-health-n-wellbeing-in-children


Dr Elena Nixon

Assistant Professor in Applied Neuropsychology, CANDAL member

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