January 22, 2015, by Elizabeth Liddle

Welcome to CANDALight, the new blog for CANDAL

CANDAL aims to promote collaboration between researchers and our clinical partners into better ways of helping people with neurodevelopmental disorders. These disorders are conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Tourette’s Syndrome, and autism (including  Asperger’s Syndrome), all of which may continue into adulthood, and quite often overlap in the same person.

Unlike other research groups that typically focus on a single disorder either in children or adults, CANDAL aims to promote the study of these conditions both in combination and across the lifespan.

We have so far run several “clinical engagement events” – meetings between researchers and clinicians involved in both Adult and Child Psychiatry, Paediatrics and Psychology.  The purpose of these meetings has been to identify issues that clinicians feel are in most urgent need of addressing.  This information has greatly helped us focus our current research questions, and enabled us to engage with clinicians about future research development at a very early stage.

Our next engagement event is our annual conference on Friday January 23rd, which has a full day of  research and clinical talks on neurodevelopmental disorders, and a fantastic key note address on Autism and ADHD from Professor Emily Simonoff, Kings College London.

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