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March 1, 2017, by Blue-Green team

SCOT Flood Forum – 23rd February 2017

The Urban Flood Resilience team were invited to showcase their project aims, objectives and case studies at the February meeting of the SCOT Flood Forum. This was a great opportunity for the ‘Achieving Urban Flood Resilience in an Uncertain Future’ (UFRM) research project to introduce its wide reaching research team (including social scientists from the Open University and University of the West of England, to systems analysis and 2D hydraulic modelling specialists from Exeter and Newcastle Universities) and key case study sites. In conjunction with showcasing the UFRM project aims, key research underpinning the soon to be published CIRIA Report ‘BGI planning and evaluation (Part 1) and asset performance (Part 2)’ (undertaken as part of the Blue-Green Cities research project) were also presented. The Forum presentation was a great opportunity to present current and upcoming research and especially in light of the new SuDS focused SCOTs supported MOU between councils and transport authorities with regards to roads drainage maintenance and resilience.

Download Deonie’s presentation from the Urban Flood Resilience website.

Blog post by Deonie Allen, Heriot-Watt University.

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