July 9, 2012, by Peter Kirwan

Troilus and Cressida (1623 Theatre) @ Online

Writing about web page http://www.unclepandarus.com

A fascinating experiment from my friends at 1623 Theatre began in earnest today. At the website www.unclepandarus.com, a coughing, bearded soldier is delivering daily video updates from an underground bunker. In the aftermath of a nuclear war that killed ten billion souls, fought between two rival powers over a celebrity called Helen, Pandarus is leaving messages to warn future generations of humanity against the evils of war by narrating the story of his niece Cressida and her love Troilus.

The videos are, so far, only a couple of minutes long apiece, but the website is packed out with "Pandarus"’s other materials – photos and videos that build up the picture of a post-nuclear world, and links to Japanese websites that promote Pandarus’s sense of a better world. It’ll be fascinating to see how the project progresses, and I urge you to keep an eye on it.

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