August 23, 2010, by Peter Kirwan

Upcoming non–Shakespeare

I’m feeling a little bit swamped by the embarrassment of productions of non-Shakespearean early modern drama coming up in September. Here are just a few (thanks to Duncan for most of these):

Jonson’s The Magnetic Lady at the White Bear.

Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy at the Rose Bankside.

Jonson’s Alchemist at Hoxton Hall

Ford’s ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore at Liverpool Everyman

Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus at the Royal Exchange in Manchester

Aside from a student production of ‘Tis Pity, I haven’t seen any of these plays, and it’s going to be something of a tough call to decide which to go and see. I’m referencing Faustus, Spanish Tragedy and Magnetic Lady in my PhD work, but ‘Tis Pity is amazing on stage, and Alchemist could be hysterical. Anyone out there who gets to any of them (or is involved in them), please let me know what’s worth getting to!

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