February 27, 2010, by Peter Kirwan

Three Sisters (Filter) @ Warwick Arts Centre

While I’m not going to give a review of this excellent production (go see it), as it’s outside the remit of this blog, I do just have to flag up an in-joke that had me in hysterics. As the travelling players arrived at the sisters’ house, only to be turned away, they could be heard singing offstage. After a few lines, I tuned in to the song they’d chosen:

What is love? Tis not hereafter/ Present mirth and present laughter….

Yes, it was my "scene of the year" from 2008, the central party song from Filter’s Twelfth Night that turned the Courtyard into a party for about quarter of an hour. Lovely bit of intertextuality between productions. I don’t know how many people would have seen both in order to have picked it up, but I thoroughly appreciated it!

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