February 1, 2010, by Peter Kirwan

Hamlet at Elsinore

There’s so much early modern drama going on in the next few months that I’m having to be pretty ruthless with myself about what I’m allowing myself to go to. I’ll be focussing on personal favourites, locals and rare plays: so, plenty of room for the National’s Women Beware Women, the RSC’s Lear, the Globe’s Henry VIII and the Tiny Ninja Romeo and Juliet. I’m less sure at the moment which plays will be the casualties, though it’s particularly unlikely that I’ll make it to Bristol for either of the Tobacco Factory’s shows, or the Bristol Old Vic’s take on Romeo. Even big productions like the Peter Hall Dream may have to take a back seat, unless I start renting in London as well as Kenilworth.

The biggest omission, however, is undoubtedly Hamlet at Elsinore, a performance-cum-conference at Elsinore Castle in Denmark. With players from Cambridge University performing the play on the battlements and in the castle’s core rooms during the nights, it sounds like it’ll be a spectacular and memorable event. It’s currently only open for priority booking by members of the British Shakespeare Association, but I’ll try to post a link up here once public public has opened. I’ll be fascinated to hear thoughts from anyone who makes it!

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