January 19, 2009, by Peter Kirwan

Much Ado in Coventry

WUDS are doing another production of Much Ado about Nothing this term. I say another; only people who’ve been at Warwick four or five years will remember the last one, which was performed in the Arts Centre studio. I remember that production for the prominence it gave to Margaret, whose dilemma regarding the plot to discredit Hero became one of the central concerns. It also had two wonderfully physical overhearing scenes, with actors joining together to form the trees behind which Benedick and Beatrice hid.

Whether the new production matches up to the last one is, of course, impossible to say at this point – I don’t know if it’s even cast yet! However, what should make it exciting is that WUDS are leaving campus and playing at the B2, the Belgrade’s smaller theatre, where Scenes from a Marriage played last year. It’s a much bigger audience than the Arts Centre studio allows, so hopefully it’ll do well!

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