November 20, 2008, by Peter Kirwan

New Globe season

By sheer chance, I popped onto the Shakespeare’s Globesite this afternoon and found that this press release went up yesterday announcing the new season. The more I know about the Globe, the more I look forward to the work. Anyway, here’s the basics if clicking a link is too hard.

Season title: Young Hearts

  • Excellent, a concept! I found the Totus Mundi header for the 2008 season a bit of a copout, being all-embracing, but this is an interesting idea which allows them to put on a commercially viable season with a clear focus.

Plays: Romeo and Juliet

  • Well, inevitable really. I’m almost at a stage now where I’m giving up complaining about the number of Romeos, though in the Globe’s case it’s a particular shame as they’ve been touring a Romeo for the last two summers – you might have thought they’d have a year off! Dominic Dromgoole directing.

As You Like It

  • 2009 is shaping up to be As You Like It’s year, with the RSC putting on a major new production and Tim Supple’s Dash Arts premiering theirs at the Curve in Leicester. Still, it’s a play I haven’t seen that often and it’ll hopefully be interesting to compare the three. No notes on director yet.

Troilus and Cressida

  • A slow but sure continuing interest in this play, particularly after Cheek by Jowl’s production last year. Have to say, really looking forward to seeing this one on the Globe stage. Again, no information about who’s directing.
  • Love’s Labour’s Lost

This is the disappointment, a revival of Dromgoole’s production of 2007. As much as I enjoyed that production, I’m not sure its revival is completely necessary. I agree that it fits the theme, but there are other plays with an interest in young lovers (Two Gentlemen springs to mind – or, God help us, what about a non-Shakespearean dramatist?!), and we have just had two major LLLs elsewhere. Still, it’s a solid production and hopefully a revival will at least be no worse than the original.

On tour: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Comedy of Errors

  • Both ideal plays for touring outside, looking forward to both, hope they come somewhere near me! So far (gasp!) this is the first Dream I’m aware of for next year, though doubtless another twelve will shortly be announced. I’m a big fan of the Globe touring productions though, so fingers crossed for both of them.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that there are, naturally, three new plays in the rep at the main house as well. They may well be interesting, particularly the new version of Euripides’ Helen. Will wait for more info!

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