May 6, 2008, by Peter Kirwan

More on Romeo

I sincerely don’t imagine readers of this blog would actually WANT to read another review by me of Northern Broadsides’ Romeo and Juliet, but in case you want the complete set, follow the link!

Shakespeare Revue is a useful site that I do recommend checking out. I find it most useful for finding out about obscure productions in the UK and getting a general sense of what’s going on overseas. It tries to be as completist as possible, and I’ve recently been recruited along with several others to contribute reviews and help make it as wide-ranging a resource as possible.

So, a few future reviews on this blog may have their first appearance at Revue, or there may be alternative reviews of some productions on both sites. Either way, I’ll flag up anything I do for Revue, and while you’re there do have a browse and see what else is going on!

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