December 24, 2006, by Peter Kirwan


Just been reading through the RSC’s press releases, and was very happy to see early details of what’s coming up once the Complete Works is over!

Here’s the very slimmed down version:

  • The continuation of the Histories cycle in the Courtyard- ‘Richard II’ in July, ‘Henry IV Parts 1 and 2’ shortly after, and ‘Henry V’ in November. Apparently, 2008 will then see performances of the ENTIRE cycle, which is very exciting! David Warner is also coming back to the company to play Falstaff, which should be very interesting.
  • The Histories company will also be performing a new play by Adriano Shaplin- who, as CAPITAL bods will know, is the new CAPITAL house playwright, so this should be a very nice link between the work we’re doing here and the work of the RSC.
  • Also in the Courtyard will be a new ‘Twelfth Night’ (odd choice, as it was only done by the RSC last year, but fair enough!) directed by Neil Bartlett. In another odd (but VERY welcome move!) the company performing this are going to be reprising Nancy Meckler’s ‘Comedy of Errors’, which was a fantastic production, and should be interesting to see with a new cast.
  • In The Swan (and this sounds promising), another company are going to be putting on ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Macbett’- a “surrealist and darkly funny re-envisioning” of the play by Eugene Ionesco. Could be an interesting chance to see two versions of the same story back to back!
  • Finally (YAY!) the best production of the Festival, Dash Arts’ ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is back in the Swan for a whole three weeks!

It’s a much busier season than I was expecting, so I’m pretty chuffed about that! Some interesting things to be looking forward to…..

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