October 26, 2006, by Peter Kirwan

The Cube

A quick post before my next review- The Cube is now open!

The Cube is a pretty impressive sight to anyone familiar with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The space itself is built right up to the proscenium arch, and juts out right over the main body of the stalls. Surrounded by four walls- with the fourth wall up against the safety curtain- it provides a largish stage area and a steep rake of tiered seating, with everyone sitting on RSC cushions.

The Cube is reached via gangways from the main auditorium, and there’s a real sense of entering this huge, traditional venue and then being sucked into something more intimate. Certainly the seats in there are close together and the whole space is so closed in that you can’t help but feel sucked in to the productions.

I picked up my Cube Programme today, and have to admit, am pretty excited about some of the stuff that’s coming to it. First review- ‘Rough Magyck’!

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