June 27, 2006, by Peter Kirwan

Free tickets!

JUNE 27TH 2006 (backdated)

One of the big excitements this year is the opening of a new theatre in Stratford, the Courtyard. This is going to replace the main house for a couple of years while they refurbish it, and should be a pretty exciting venue, with thrust stage and an intimate feel in a big space.

As a special offer to celebrate the new venue, I found out today that they’re offering 100 £5 tickets to under–30 year olds for every performance at the Courtyard for the whole of July and August! This is, of course, an incredibly exciting development which I embraced fully– and now I’m seeing Michael Boyd’s ‘Henry VI’ trilogy three times each.

Oops. Ah well, they’re bound to be good!

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