November 18, 2015, by Katharine Adeney

Successful blog series on Hindu Nationalism

By Professor Katharine Adeney

IAPS was proud to organise a series of Blog posts on Hindu Nationalism. Contributors from comparative politics, history, journalism, law and political theory reflected on the various issues raised by the election of Modi and the BJP in 2014.

The blog series ran in the week of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the UK. The 5 posts reflected on the image of Modi and his appeal with the diaspora (coupled with his concentration on foreign visits), concerns that have been raised about the rise of attacks on religious minorities and critics of the BJP (and the failure of Modi to either condemn these attacks, or the extreme delay in so doing), the observation that communalism in India has not only been confined to periods when the Hindu Nationalist BJP has been in power (although the problem has escalated since the election of the BJP government in 2014) and a reminder that Hindu nationalism has not only been confined to India, but has also been in neighbouring Nepal.

All the posts can be accessed through the above linked text.  IAPS would like to thank all those who contributed to this blog series and welcomes suggestions for future special blog series.




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