October 30, 2015, by Katharine Adeney

Tri-campus workshop on ‘Human Security in the Global South’

We are pleased to announce the first tri-campus IAPS and Sustainable Development RPA workshop: Human Security in the Global South

Tentative date: end of February 2016

This workshop acts as a research collaboration and exploration platform, bringing 10-15 academics
from three campuses working on Human Security Issues in the global south together for future
collaboration possibilities. Scholars will be from the Sustainable Development Research Priority
Group (RPA) and tri-campus Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies (IAPS). This workshop aims to
achieve three outcomes. First we hope researchers from three campuses working on the same
issues/ topics will come together and explore future research collaboration. The second aim is to
explore a special issue on the topic of ‘Human Security in the Global South: regional discourses,
concepts and practices’. Finally, we hope to put together an interdisciplinary team of experts to
successfully bid for the first tri-campus international funding.

It will be held at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China end of February 2016.
There are two parts to the workshop. The first will introduce colleagues by a combination of social
and academic events. Brief presentation of research profile and outcomes, focusing on one or more
research papers/ projects will be conducted. The workshop will then explore common themes and
question across the papers/ experts/ regions on these issues. In particular, this workshop seeks to
address some of the questions about the discourses, concepts and practices that inform the ways in
which human security issues are understood in the different regions. In so doing, it will bring
together the regional focus of the three campuses, and consider the implications of the growing
importance of these regions for the contemporary global politics and governance in relation to
human security issues. The outcomes of this part of the workshop will be proposed for a special
issue with Journal of International Development.

We welcome submissions on any topics associated with Human Security in the Global South. Topics
could range from economic, food, community to health and environment security. Scholars must
have an open mind to explore new ways of working and collaborating from colleagues from three
campuses and of different disciplines. We will shortlist and fully support a total of 10 scholars from
UK and Malaysia campus for the workshop in UNNC, in addition to 5 scholars selected from UNNC.
Kindly submit an abstract of 300 words, together with a 100 word personal bio to
iaps@nottingham.edu.cn for our consideration. Submission deadline is 30 November 2015.
Shortlisted candidates will be informed by middle of December 2015. The event will be held in UNNC
over three day period, at the end of February 2016. Please direct any queries to Director of IAPS,
UNNC, May Tan-Mullins at: may.tan-mullins@nottingham.edu.cn

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