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Alternatives, advice and… an A*? – Gabriel’s story

For me, thoughts of going into Clearing began after exams. I began to assess my degree choice and whether it was suited to what I wanted to do after university – I’d firmed and insured two different institutions, doing chemical engineering at both. In the period after exams, I had more time on my hands …

When plan B pays off – Honor’s story

In the run up to results day I was anxious, but I was also very good at pushing that worry to the back of my mind. I knew there was a high possibility that I hadn’t gotten the grades I needed … yet I did my best to ignore everything about results day and almost …

Plan for every outcome – Emma’s story

I’d never heard of Clearing or Adjustment before I went through it myself. I hadn’t got very good grades at AS and was planning on taking a gap year, as I thought my A2s would go the same way. I hadn’t applied to any universities, but my school made me write a personal statement as …

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The new plan A – Honor’s tips for Clearing

Finding out you haven’t got the grades you wanted is hard, but sometimes pushing through and going ahead with plan B can be even harder. When I found myself studying biology instead of medicine, it took me a while to come to terms with my new path. But, after finishing my first year, I think …

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My Summer School experience – Food and Crop Science

Lillie Jenkins was one of 24 Year 12 students who attended our Summer School in Food and Crop Science this year. She enjoyed it so much she’s written this guest post for us!  The subject of food captivates me not only due to its ever-increasing prevalence in today’s society, but due to the science behind …

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My Nottingham Experience – Eleanor, Philosophy student

My name is Eleanor and I’m a third year at the University of Nottingham. For the formative part of my degree I was a Joint Honours English and Philosophy student but, whilst I hold both the English Department here, and the subject itself, in very high regard, it became clear to me that it isn’t …

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Vlog: postgraduate funding

John is a postgrad student here at The University and has plenty of experience of applying for funding to pay for his studies. Here’s his guide to postgraduate funding.

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Vlog: uni jargon buster

University is FULL of jargon. Emma sorts through some of it in this vlog.

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Five awesome things about studying a Classical subject

Like every Fresher, my first few weeks at university seemed to involve endlessly answering one of these three questions (asked in a variety of different accents that I could never impersonate): what’s your name? where are you from? what course are you studying? As a Classical Civilisation student I dreaded the last of these questions, as …

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Vlog: University expectations vs. reality

What’s university REALLY like? Student vlogger Tom compares his expectations with the reality of student life.

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