December 11, 2014, by Genelva Meikle

Winter Graduation 2014

This week has been a busy one for the Alumni Relations team, with only two weeks before Christmas; we have worked hard during the run up to Winter Graduation Ceremony, taking place on campus this week.  Winter graduation will run from Tuesday 9 December to Friday 12 December and during this week we have already welcomed to the alumni community over 3,500 graduates so far.


Alumni Relations stand

Alumni Relations stand


At the East Midlands Conference Centre, The Alumni Relations team have set up a stand and finding out what graduates’ plans are and informing graduates of the services available at the University, following graduation.  This includes career support from our Career departments, paid internship programmes, worldwide networking events and information about our many international ambassadors and the work they do.  As a keepsake graduates were given a university tote bag and pin badge!


Graduates from the Faculty of Social Science and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences attended graduation with friends and family.  The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir David Greenaway presented an Honorary Degree, the highest honour a University can bestow to Jorge Almeida Guimarães, presidency of CAPES, the Brazilian agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Educations.  Jorge was awarded the Degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa.




On Wednesday, graduates from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Faculty of Arts attended graduation and were joined during the morning ceremony by Alumni Laureate Award winner and record-breaking polar explorer, Adrian Hayes, who received a Special Excellence Award.  In addition, Alumni Laureate Award winner Anna Kent received a Recent Graduate Award for her humanitarian work overseas with aid organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).  Anna gave an honest and moving speech about her experiences to date.




The Alumni Laureate Awards 2014 are a testament to the excellence achieved by graduates in their field of work.  During the second ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor presented  an Alumni Laureate Award to Bill Silburn who received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment to teaching at the University and research into social policy.


The final award went to London Grammar, award-winning electronic pop trio who met on campus and formed their band not long after graduating in 2012.  The trio received a Recent Graduate Award and in attendance were band members, Dot Major and Dan Rothman.  Both spoke about their experiences at the University and their catapult into fame, finishing with some wise advice for the audience; ‘Follow your dreams and always stand up for yourself’.LONDON_GRAMMAR




Other Alumni Laureate Award winners who were unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony, were as follows:

  • Eva Carniero, First Doctor of Chelsea Football Club received a Special Excellence Award
  • Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu, The Father of Biosafety received a Special Excellence Award
  • Willin Low, Contemporary Chef and restaurateur received a Special Excellence Award
  • Sir John Sawyers, Former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service received a Lifetime Achievement Award

Earlier today, Fard Suleman, Managing Partner of Loxodonta Ventures was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws, honori cause.  In attendance were graduates from Faculty of Social Science.

On Friday, we will celebrate with graduates from the Faculty of Engineering before closing the ceremony in the afternoon. We wish all our new graduates luck in all they endeavour.



IMG_0684 IMG_0632

We hope all our alumni community enjoy the festivities and have a Happy New Year and we look forward to 2015, organising an array of worldwide reunions and special events and meeting more of our alumni community.

Please note: The Alumni Relations team will be closed during Christmas and New Year’s, from Monday 22 December.  The Office will reopen on Monday 5 January 2015.

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