September 18, 2014, by Hannah Curnock

International Family Link

Would you be willing to support our International Students?

Earlier this year the International Family Link celebrated its 10th year.  The scheme has been deemed a great success and over the years has been beneficial not only to international students, but to local Nottingham residents.

The aim of the programme is to…

Provide unique opportunities for International Students to be paired with a host in Nottingham, to gain a truer picture of British culture, and to get involved in their adopted community.

What your role would be…

As a host, you would be required to facilitate a cultural exchange between yourself and international students. Typically, you can offer hospitality in your own home, take students exploring round Nottinghamshire and help them to meet and develop friendships with a variety of people in the community.

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How valuable an experience is it for a host?

According to individual hosts, the International Family Link is a great experience, and well worth the time that is invested in the scheme. One host in particular expressed his delight at being part of the Family Link for over ten years, and how each autumn he looks forward to meeting two new students to share activities and experiences with.

Additional feedback was also collected through a survey from the previous cohort and below are some of the significant statistics we found:

“84% of all respondents agreed that the scheme had helped to improve their transition to the UK”.

79% of all respondents agreed that the scheme had helped them to develop a more ‘global outlook’.

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How to apply…

Download further information about Family Link and apply for the scheme as a host here:

Deadline for Host applications: 31 October 2014.

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