October 7, 2016, by Matthew Lumley

STEM Outreach: Inspire Future Scientists and Engineers

Lucy Rose, Module Convenor

Are you a keen undergraduate studying a STEM degree? We need you to participate in fun outreach events designed to inspire the younger generation to study maths and science opening doors to a STEM career. Last year, our ambassadors were integral to the success of the Primary Science fair, the Engineering Christmas lecture, Physics Light Night and much more.

Fun at the Primary Science Fair

One of our student ambassadors, pictured below, is busy helping out during an engineering packing activity at the fair. She’s creating different shaped boxes and trying to fit as many smarties in as possible. You can also volunteer to run other activities during this event be it demonstrating the importance of iron in blood and how enzymes in the liver work or guiding children through a research laboratory and lecture theatre.


The event seeks to raise aspiration levels in young children, where you can be an inspirational role model giving you the opportunity to engage with the local community and expand your communication skills.

Making a Big Bang in the East Midlands

This takes place every year in June and was held this year at the Derby Roundhouse. It celebrates and raises the profile of young people’s achievements in science and engineering. Students, teachers and STEM clubs are invited to bring along and showcase the great projects they’ve been working on. They can talk to STEM professionals about their work, build their confidence and deepen their understanding of their subject.


You could follow in the footsteps of previous student ambassadors from The University of Nottingham demonstrating a number of activities from across the STEM subjects including; DNA extraction from fruit, making elephant toothpaste, fun with Rubik’s cubes, and balloon kebabs! The Big Bang Fair is an amazing place to take part in outreach and help inspire students, we provide you with full training before the event.

As a student ambassador in the School of Biosciences you can get involved in local activities at Sutton Bonington campus, such as SB Fest Science in the Park and the Festival of Science and Curiosity.

Key dates

Application start date: Currently Open

Application deadline: Friday 14 October 2016

More module information can be found here.

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