September 29, 2016, by Matthew Lumley

Lakeside Arts: Bringing you closer to the Community

Ruth Lewis-Jones, Module Convenor

At Nottingham Lakeside Arts, we are really keen for you to visit events regularly; we also want you to feel that you are actively part of the daily life of the Arts Centre. Working towards the Arts in the Community module is the best way to do this: volunteering and paid roles are both available if you want to assist with the Learning Team’s workshops, talks and other events at Lakeside.

“What would I say to other students? – Do it! Its great fun, you make friends and get credit for it. It’s a great way to get experience.”

If you sign up for our module, staff will meet with you to clarify personal goals and ensure that your work experience is relevant to you and your aspirations. Opportunities are regularly flagged up on a closed Facebook page and you can take your pick. For instance, if you are especially interested in marketing, you can create a flyer for a Learning Team. You’ll also get to meet the marketing team to find out more about the role of marketing at a busy arts venue.

I gained the ability to communicate ideas – and the method – to families of all backgrounds and abilities.


We host a weekly gallery art club for families on Saturday afternoons – Art Investigator Max (AIM) – that is student-led, with support from Lakeside staff. As an Award student, you will be encouraged to join the rota and facilitate drop-in arts and crafts activities as well as familiarising yourself with each exhibition and planning as part of the team.

There are many more volunteering opportunities at performing arts events and workshops, including festivals and seasonal community days.

The following skills I have gained in this project will help me in the future: organisation, leadership, teamwork, creativity, time management, and dedication – all transferable skills!


Many of the skills you will acquire are transferable. This is a great place to learn communication skills, creative session planning, working with children, using social media as a marketing tool, public speaking, Health and Safety, mentoring, data collection, and planning and evaluation skills. All this experience will help you in interviews and also makes it possible for staff to write references for your job applications.

I want to work with children in galleries in the future so this was valuable experience that was relevant to that.


The opportunity our past students seem to have enjoyed most of all is the chance to get to know Nottingham people, especially children: so many of whom are genuinely appreciative that students have taken the time to take part in the arts alongside them.

Key dates

Application start date: Currently Open

Application deadline: Friday 7 October 2016

More module information can be found here.

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