September 28, 2016, by Matthew Lumley

UoN Student Telethon: Building Relations with Alumni

Paul Geddes, Module Convenor

This module is just what you’re looking for if you want to turn a natural ability to engage with people into solid work experience and an understanding that a wide array of employers will recognise.

Over 500 students have worked on the Telethon in the last five years, and it’s been an important part of University life for a great many of them.  In a recent survey, over 80% of student callers who graduated in the last two years reported that this experience played a part in them securing jobs, with some citing it as “crucial”.

Apply to be a Fundraiser

We are now offering you the opportunity to accredit your work on the Telethon as part of the Nottingham Advantage Award.  To take the module you’ll need to apply to become a paid Student Telephone Fundraiser this term.  You can email for an application form or keep an eye open for adverts on In the Loop and Campus News.  The closing date for completed forms is October 5, with the campaign beginning on October 14.

If you make the team, you can then apply to take the module, where you’ll need to tell us why the module is important to you.

Among other things, we’ll be focusing on:

  • Alumni awareness – putting yourself in the shoes of someone else
  • Rapport building
  • Fundraising techniques
  • Data awareness
  • Team work

During the eight week campaign you’ll take workshops with your colleagues.  By the end of term you must be ready to hand in a 500 word report and give a 15 minute presentation to a panel.

If you think strengthening links between students of the past, present and future is important while improving your skillset then this module is a must!

Key dates

Student Telephone Fundraiser deadline: Wednesday 5 October

(If successfully appointed as a Student Telephone Fundraiser then you will be notified that you are eligible to accredit your work to the Advantage Award)

NAA Application start date: Monday 10 October

NAA Application deadline: Friday 21 October 2016

More module information can be found here.

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