February 19, 2014, by Nottingham Advantage Award

Teach First- Outstanding Contribution to the Community Prize

Our annual Celebration Event is scheduled for Monday 9 June 2014.  If you have successfully completed the Award by earning 30 credits or have been shortlisted for one of the Employer-Supported Prizes, you will be invited to the event.

There are several top employers who are sponsoring prizes this year, along with the Vice-Chancellor’s Prize.  Prize winners will receive awards such as lunch with the vice president of the company, an internship position, a session with a career coach, or various vouchers and give-aways.

This week we would like to feature the Teach First- Outstanding Contribution to the Community Prize. The statement and information below was sent to us by Teach First to promote their prize.

Why does Teach First sponsor this prize?

Teach First seeks to recruit top graduates from top universities to place them in challenging schools across the UK. Through doing this we aim to address educational disadvantage by inspiring and empowering young people, no matter what their socio economic background. We sponsor this prize because we firmly believe that addressing educational disadvantage is much more than just working within schools- we need to make change happen within the community. Therefore we are looking to reward an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to their local community.

What are we looking for in your application?

  • Have you worked or volunteered for a charity, community organisation or educational organisation?
  • Have you developed or contributed towards a project that has benefited the student, local or international community?
  • Have you been involved in volunteering that helps to raise the educational aspirations of young people?
  • Can you provide evidence of the essential employability skills you have gained as a result of participating in community-based activities?
  • How do you plan to take these skills forward in the future?
  • Why is it important to you to gain recognition through this prize?
  • How would this prize be beneficial to you?

Am I eligible to apply?

Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting a nomination.

What is the prize?

A private lunch with one of the Director’s at Teach First.

To apply for this prize you must submit the completed nomination form and email it to nottingham-advantage-award@nottingham.ac.uk by 5pm on the 21 February 2014.

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