February 26, 2014, by Nottingham Advantage Award

Experian – Personal Development Prize

Our annual Celebration Event is scheduled for Monday 9 June 2014.  If you have successfully completed the Award by earning 30 credits or have been shortlisted for one of the Employer-Supported Prizes, you will be invited to the event.

There are several top employers who are sponsoring prizes this year, along with the Vice-Chancellor’s Prize.  Prize winners will receive awards such as lunch with the vice president of the company, an internship position, a session with a career coach, or various vouchers and give-aways.

This week we would like to feature the Experian- Personal Development Prize. The statement and information below was sent to us by Teach First to promote their prize.

Why does Teach First sponsor this prize?

At Experian, we believe that individuals have greater success if they take ownership for their own development and use a variety of resources to help them reach their goals. We support all colleagues to develop both personally and professionally as motivated individuals who are keen to deliver inspirational service. Personal development means adding, enhancing or refreshing your knowledge, skills and/or behaviours in order to be the best you can be. Effective learning leads to change, development and the desire to learn more.

What are we looking for in your application?

As these are our beliefs, we are keen to reward an individual who has shown exceptional focus and growth in their own personal development throughout their time of completing the Award. In particular, we are looking for you to have demonstrated the following attributes in your activities throughout your Award:

  • Identifying and acting on your personal areas for growth.
  • Seeking and positively reacting to feedback from others.
  • Being authentic in your interactions with others.
  • Building an understanding of yourself and others.

Am I eligible to apply?

Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting a nomination.

What is the prize?

  • Business coaching with an external coach employed by Experian
  • One day shadowing a business leader

To apply for this prize you must submit the completed nomination form and email it to nottingham-advantage-award@nottingham.ac.uk by 5pm on the 21 February 2014.


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