August 25, 2022, by UoN School of English

Joining a society: my time at Impact Magazine

When I started at Nottingham, I immediately searched for what societies I could join here. The
pandemic was affecting all aspects of life, including the possibility of the University hosting
in-person lectures and events. Therefore, I knew that my best hope in making friends would be
through joining societies, and I was right! I originally joined a handful, relating predominantly to
my course and other interests, however the one I have stuck with throughout the entirety of my
time here has been my participation in Nottingham’s Impact Magazine.

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I had written articles for online blogs before, and as an English student who enjoyed writing and
editing it seemed like an obvious choice, however I had no idea just how enjoyable joining the
magazine would be! Alongside gaining the invaluable experience of writing and editing articles
in a more formal manner than I had previously, I have been able to meet a wealth of incredible,
talented people who I am now lucky enough to call friends. From attending weekly meetings to
Media Zone Pub Crawls, my time as part of Impact has been one of the most rewarding part’s of
my time at University. After contributing articles in my first year, I then progressed to the role of
‘Campus News Editor’ in my second year, and am now about to start my role as ‘External
Manager’ for my third and final year here at Nottingham. The knowledge and skills I gained
within these roles have been valuable in my applications to various jobs and volunteering roles,
and have already enabled me to progress further in my writing and editing career than I ever
envisioned when I started at Nottingham.

There really is a society for everyone, related to your course or not, and I would recommend it to

– India Marriott

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