May 31, 2016, by Words on Words

10 Signs You’re an English Student at UoN

This blog post was written by Katie Randall, a final year student from the School of English.

1. Having immense pride that the School of English is housed in the beautiful Trent building – by far the best building on campus.

2. Realising that Jem Bloomfield is a Twitter superstar and knowing that if he retweets you, you’ll feel like a superstar too.

3. Arguably the biggest test of your degree was having to wade through the 600+ pages of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall in Freshers week.

4. Always seeming to finish deadlines and exams waaaaay before everybody else.

5. Nobody understanding that essays are just as stressful – if not more so – than exams.

6. Getting confused between the MHRA (footnotes) and Harvard (author-date) referencing systems and getting really annoyed when you have to switch between the two when writing literature and language assignments.

7. The name Kevin Harvey needs no further explanation. (For those of you not in the know: his jokes are legendary.)

8. Taking a while to realise what your Academic Community module is at the start of first year.

9. Wishing you’d not been so lazy and applied for one of the amazing placements that the School offers.

10. Posting an obligatory dissertation selfie outside of the Trent building at the end of the three (or four) years of your degree!

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