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Wisdom From a Final Year

This blog post was written by final year student, Una Kunhya, from the School of English.

So that’s it for me, I have just handed in my final pieces of coursework and completed my last exam. It is an exciting moment as I look towards the future, but also remember all the memories of my three years at Nottingham. I feel like a veteran – I know the best times to find a seat with a plug socket in Hallward during exam season, and even know the 34 bus timetable by heart (maybe that part’s a bit sad). However, I do have some other words of advice for those who still have a few more years at this University I am proud to call home.

The University of Nottingham

Photo by Una Kunhya

Join in!

Partaking in University activities is not restricted to the 200+ societies the SU has to offer. Although it is a regret of mine for not being more involved with societies, there are other ways to get involved in University life. For example, you can become a Student Ambassador assisting University staff setting up and closing open day events or talking to young people about the transition to higher education. There are also opportunities to become Welcome Mentors and support students arriving at University! Keep an eye out on the UoNSU Twitter or Facebook pages for more insights into the available roles they have to offer.

University accomodation video

Here’s me participating in the University’s Accommodation video and photo shoot! Photo by University of Nottingham

Stop the book buying panic!

Buying books for modules is not only a chore but can be painful for the bank balance. I have spoken to a few first and second year students who had no idea that there were other ways to buy books other than from Amazon! If Amazon is your first port of call, check out their second hand books as they are normally much cheaper than brand new copies. The same goes for AbeBooks; they too have a load of second hand books for under three quid. For any rare or expensive books, check out Blackwells on campus as sometimes they are cheaper than both Amazon or AbeBooks. Also, don’t forget to follow the English Society on Facebook or Twitter as at the start of each semester they hold a book sale where you can sell your old books or buy discounted books from students in the years above.

Just keep swimming!

My best words of wisdom are saved for last. It is ok to be unsure about the future. We have the rest of our lives to find a job and settle down, so we should make the most of our young years where we have the freedom to do anything. Many final year students are taking a break from education and delaying the world of work to volunteer, to travel, or to teach abroad. We’re never going to have the opportunity again not to be confined by family or work commitments. So definitely take this time to explore the world or different work environments to find what suits you.


Photo by Una Kunhya

I hope you all enjoy your final few years, months, or weeks at The University of Nottingham!

Una Kunhya

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