October 13, 2015, by Sunita Tailor

The Third & Final Year

For me, coming to back Nottingham this September has not been the smoothest of transitions – after spending 7 weeks travelling in South East Asia, the realisation that it’s not only inappropriate to wear bikini bottoms all the time, but that it is frankly impossible (due to the near on artic temperatures) came as a bit of a shock. This was seconded by the horrifying realisation that this will be my third and final year in a city that I have learnt to call home over the past two years. Returning to Notts marks the start of my last year in formal education – ever. I’d be lying if I failed to admit that when I moved into my new flat I felt daunted by the expectations and responsibilities now inevitably facing me as a final year student.

Last meal edit

Fast-forward 2 weeks however, and after what seemed like the busiest Welcome Week in the world, I am once again fully immersed in, and loving student life back at UoN. Setting foot on campus for the first time after a long break never fails to remind me why I originally chose to come to Nottingham and even now I’m still taken aback at the magnificence of the Trent Building (your new home, first year English students!) against the backdrop of a blue sky. The holiday blues have faded, despite the occasional hunger pangs that have me craving a proper Thai Green Curry, but with only a year left to finish ticking things off my Nottingham bucket list, exploring the city centre is the perfect way to feed my travel bug – for the time being at least!

First meal edit

Bucket list aside, being a third year comes with pressures that are not solely academic – the realisation that hit me on arrival in Notts! So despite giving myself a pat on the back for getting most of my core reading done over the summer, I’ve had to throw myself into being the busiest I’ve ever been. I’m continuing to write this blog, have become a Peer Mentor for the School of English, am General Secretary for the Women’s Network and Co-editor for the website Her Campus Nottingham. Phew! In light of this, my advice to any first and second years reading this blog would be to just do it. If you think you might be interested in something don’t waste your time wondering, try it out, go to a taster session (or two) as you have nothing to lose! If you don’t like it then at least you’ve given something new a go.

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