October 5, 2015, by Sunita Tailor

Moving back…

As an inhabitant of the Pennines, nothing about moving back to Nottingham is as pleasing as the prospect of slightly better weather. After coming back from working in Spain as an au pair this Summer, I have never felt so fed up of the rain and grey skies of West Yorkshire. Not that I expected Nottingham to feel tropical, but it would be nice to leave my umbrella at home for once.

Spain - blue skies

It’s been weeks since I last saw a true blue sky.

Of course, seeing my university friends after such a long break is hugely exciting and speaking over the phone just doesn’t live up to a good face-to-face catch up fuelled by coffee and whatever biscuits are on offer at Tesco’s that day (preferably bourbons, but beggars can’t be choosers).

Moving all my boxes into the new house felt great and I’m truly looking forward to realising just how much I’ve packed that I will never use. Watching my housemates drag their overflowing boxes of cooking utensils into the hallway, I knew we had all over-packed. I hope last year’s files will accommodate the work that I am about to undertake this year, but with the stakes being quite a lot higher than in Fresher’s year, I’m sure my second year files are going to be bursting with newly-acquired knowledge.

My house
After escaping the ‘Fresher’s 15’ weight gain last year, I have put on a fair few lbs whilst being at home. Sometimes, food being available for free at all times isn’t a good thing. I’m sure my empty bank account will encourage me to shed these quickly on my return, although Domino’s vouchers were bound to somewhat hinder this during fresher’s week.

With assessments counting towards my final qualification this year, the pressure is setting in. But hopefully there will be room in my busy schedule of work, placements, and studying for a few nights of parties. One can hope!

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