April 16, 2015, by Lucy

Marking the anniversary of the eruption of Tambora


As detailed in our previous post, last week I attended the ‘International Conference on Volcanoes, Climate and Society: Bicentenary of the great Tambora eruption’ in Bern, Switzerland. It was a fantastic event with speakers drawn from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds and from all over the world. Throughout the week I was able to talk to other delegates, to learn more about the eruption and the records of it that are present in natural (tree-rings, ice cores, speleotherms), archaeological and documentary archives, to make important connections, and to publicise the wider Weather Extremes project. On the final day I presented a paper based on research completed for the Weather Extremes project within a session on ‘Impacts and Societal Response to the Year without a Summer’.  I learnt about potential new research sources, new literature, and of comparative work in other countries, all of which will be tremendously helpful in taking this case study, and the wider project, forward. I was also able to network further with representatives from ACRE (Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth), one of the Weather Extremes project’s non-academic partners, and to learn more about their work and the potential for collaboration.

Universitat Bern

Universitat Bern

This week, rather than a new post, we’ve rounded up the best of the online Tambora eruption anniversary news coverage from around the world over the last couple of weeks:

Journal special issue:


Newspaper and magazine online coverage (subscription required for some articles):


In Indonesia:

If we’ve missed anything on Tambora that you’ve enjoyed reading please do let us know in the comments below.

End of conference treat from Gelateria di Berna!

End of conference treat from Gelateria di Berna!

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