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Research Fellow, Nottingham

My current research explores extreme weather events in the UK from c. 1700 to the present day, using information from archival sources and oral histories. The research is part of the project Spaces of experience and horizons of expectation: the implications of extreme weather events, past, present and future which is funded by AHRC and runs between December 2013 and December 2016. The project is led by Professor Georgina Endfield and also involves researchers at the University of Liverpool, University of Aberystwyth and University of Glasgow.

Together, we are creating an extensive public database of historical extreme weather in the UK, and by the project’s conclusion will have produced the first multi-regional climate history of the UK. As well as compiling the chronology of extreme weather we are exploring the impacts that the events had, the human responses to them, and the ways that they have subsequently been remembered (or forgotten).

My responsibilities involve the collection of archival information, data entry and analysis, and the maintenance of the project website and this blog.