December 4, 2012, by Gianlluca Simi

Planning the Aesthetics and Politics Workshop

I thought it might be a useful exercise (as both a potential ‘helping hand’ and a metaphorical scream!) to share my present experience of preparing a workshop for Friday’s symposium. With very little experience of facilitating a theoretical workshop it is certainly a daunting affair – as the clock ticks my nails are nearing the quick – I’m currently swimming (drowning) in a sea ofTransborder Trousers and Experimental Communities, faced with the salty edge of an ideological – neoliberal no less! – whirlpool; I hope my doggy paddle is up to the task. Joking aside though, questions of expectation, a feeling of intellectual intimidation and the pressure to facilitate a cogent and interesting discussion all weigh heavily on the mind. I suppose you’ve just got to trust that, coherent or not, the passion for your subject shines through. There’s no backing out now. See you on the other side!


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