November 17, 2014, by Tom T


Vital Theory is an annual symposium organised by postgraduate students at the University of Nottingham’s Centre for Critical Theory. Now in its fourth year, participants will present on ideas of memory and commemoration. In contrast to reflections on the past, speakers also look to the future and consider how the digital age might affect our right to be forgotten. With keynotes by Tracey Potts and Andrew Goffey, the day culminates with an ‘anti-market’, where theorists are advertised, concepts are traded and knowledge is shared.

What do we mean when we talk about memory? Is our sense of who we are shaped by remembering and re-telling our past? How does remembering – and forgetting – happen socially? Do politics influence what we commemorate as a nation? How important are authentic remnants and artefacts for our understanding of the past? Does our brain’s capacity to recollect bear similarities to the processing and storing of digital data? And, in this digital age, do we have a right to be

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