December 3, 2019, by brzrae1

View from year one

Studying at Nottingham vet school has been a blast so far!

The course really has been hands-on right away – during our second week we were getting dogs out of the kennels and trying out palpation. Since then we’ve been practising all sorts, like epidurals and synoviocentesis.

We’ve finished our first animal-handling rotation, so have spent an afternoon each week practising our skills with all of the vet school animals which has been great fun.

While parts of the course are challenging at first there are so many great tutors, who are all approachable and willing to help, making the uni transition much easier – so don’t worry! There’s so much support here from both staff and peers.

Keep looking forward to starting vet school! You’ll love it.

Erin Burnett, Year 1 Veterinary Medicine and Surgery BVM BVS with BVMed Sci (September) – Learning Community Forum Rep

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