December 3, 2019, by brzrae1

More students, more space for teaching and learning

Now that we’ve moved to a dual intake for our Veterinary Medicine and Surgery BVM BVS with BVMed Sci course, there’s a need to increase our building space, facilities and resources – particularly for the periods when both the September and April cohorts cross over.

We have a £7 million budget to improve the school’s teaching and learning spaces. Works to expand our teaching facilities are progressing well, with flexible group-teaching rooms installed over last summer to improve the options available for group study.

A number of extensions to the building are now underway. By April these will double the capacity of both our Clinical Skills teaching lab and housing for teaching dogs’, as well as increasing the cold storage capacity within our dissection and surgery facility.

Further plans are currently being developed for a new teaching building which, among other things, will house a new mock veterinary practice, new small-group teaching rooms and base rooms for students in their fifth year.


Simon Clifford – Project Lead (Estates)

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