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Revising for Exams, Making Life Plans, & Taking Public Transport

…I’m back! Apologies for my week off last week, I was ridiculously ill! I haven’t been sick this whole semester, so I was waiting for it to happen – but who knew my body would let me down right when I needed it most, at the start of the exam season… Absolutely perfect timing. Either …

New People, New Experiences, & a New Home

Happy May Day, from Malaysia! It’s been a pretty hectic week in the jungle, so let’s get started. As a result of my blog post last week, I was asked by one of the teachers at my old college to record a video for her students, about what I’m currently up to – and how …

From Malaysia, With Love

“A nation of warm loving people, rejoice in a safe sunny place.. We welcome you, to share our land, salaam alaikum to you my friend.” – Malaysia Truly Asia   Selamat Datang ke Malaysia! My name’s Ben Hunte, I’m a Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience student at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. I’m at the university …

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