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Ben Hunte: 3 Ways UNMC Has Changed My Life (So Far!)

Happy 15th Birthday, UNMC! I remember arriving at the campus for the first time, standing at the back of the Students’ Association building, and looking at the insane view – jungle as far as the eye could see. Just a few days earlier, I was packing up my room in London, preparing to move to …

Ben, Where Are You?!

      Sorry for the disappearing act! I’m currently back in London and I finally have FREE TIME to update my blog. Love it! I’ve been ridiculously busy with a number of crazy things, all of which will be revealed to you ASAP….. Well, as soon as I find out whether or not I’m …

Cameron Highlands, Emceeing Events, LGBT Awareness, & Food at UNMC!

Where Am I Now? Right now, I’m on a rather loud bus, on the way back from my favourite place in Malaysia – PENANG! There’s quite a bit of drama on this bus, because a whole group of old Chinese ladies were miss-sold their tickets and told we were heading to another destination, but we’re …

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Melaka Moments, Mr & Miss Notts, Adulthood Arrives, & What UNMC Has Taught Me!

Where am I now? This weekend, Eiman and I decided to visit a place which, in all honesty, neither of us ever really wanted to visit, but felt compelled to by our student visas. After what can only be described as the bus ride FROM HELL, which saw our bus driver hit some serious Formula …

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Back to Msia, Why Study Abroad, Graduate Employment, & Amsterdam!

Where Am I Now? Well, I’m actually sat in an executive suite, in Melaka, Malaysia, treating my best friend to a luxurious 21st birthday weekend.. No word of a lie. I got back to Malaysia earlier this week, and jumped straight into a 5* vacation. More on this weekend next week though. Some people like …

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A New Year Begins, Say Hello To IGNITE, & Other Overdue Updates!

It’s February 2013, and I’m back.. but not back in the jungle, yet.   Where have I been and where am I now? Well the first question will be explained over the course of this ridiculously long update, but I promised to continue my weekly updates from February 2013, so it’s fine. As for the …

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10 Trips By 2013, Freshers’ Week Madness, & Building a Media Empire

As much as I need to apologise for not posting last week, I want you all to know that it wasn’t my fault! One of the joys of living in a house with 3 other people is that we all share the same internet connection, and as a result, we all have to be aware …

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Back to the Jungle: Part 2 (Making our house a home)

Let’s jump right in! Amongst the friendly catch up chats on campus, quite a few people have been asking me “Why did you get back to UNMC so early?!” Well, there was a ridiculous amount of stuff to get done in our uni house! Our (now) beautiful mansion didn’t come fully furnished, and it would’ve …

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Back to the Jungle: Part 1 (Summer Update)

I hope everyone had an amazing “1Malaysia Day” holiday! Firstly, I would like to send a shout-out to everybody who read my blog over the summer break, and especially to those who were either more interested in coming to UNMC as a result of it, OR actually submitted an application and will be seeing me next week. …

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Flights Home, Froyo, Malaysian Fashion & Summer Plans

Greetings from London, England! As I’m typing this, I’m sat in my partner’s workplace, a small frozen yoghurt store in Covent Garden, London, munching on a freshly made tub of “froyo” and loving life! It’s crazy to think I’ve only been home for a week; my body’s slowly re-acclimatising to the constantly changing UK weather, …

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