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Sarah Stubbings writes: Did you know that one in five mammals, one in eight birds and nearly one in three amphibians worldwide are threatened with extinction? And this is largely due to what we humans are doing to our environment. This damning statistic is one of the many insights into the natural world that you …

Join our Carbon Reductions Hotseat Live from Paris Climate Change Conference

Sarah Stubbings writes: Sustainability, Society and You is bringing you a hotseat live from the Paris Climate Change Conference. On Wednesday 2 December from 3.00-500pm GMT, Nick Blyth, Policy and Engagement Lead for the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), will be answering your questions on carbon reductions. Are some tonnes of CO2 better than …

Designing E-Learning for Health MOOC Launches on 15 February

Sarah Stubbings writes: The University of Nottingham’s Health E-Learning and Media Team (HELM) have drawn on their extensive research and expertise in health e-learning to develop a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) hosted on the UK’s multi-institutional FutureLearn platform. The 5-week course, Designing E-Learning for Health, starts on 15 February and is open for registration …

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Sustainability focus on health and gardening!

This week in Sustainability, Society and You included a focus on health. Dr Neil Chadborn and Dr Linda East introduced us to the health benefits of a low carbon economy as a positive selling point for sustainability. Positive health co-benefits include a shift to low carbon vehicles, to walking and cycling, resulting in both less …

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How much do you want: lagom, or just enough?

Sarah Stubbings writes: Have you ever gone down to the breakfast buffet in a hotel, eagerly looking forward to a meal that someone else has cooked? You’re patiently queueing up when some greedy character in front piles all the best food onto their plate and there’s nothing left for you. How do you react? Next …

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Get more out of your Halloween pumpkin!

At Halloween, we’re back to the topic of food waste. Apparently when buying your pumpkins you should be aware that there are two grades, ones that are grown simply for carving – the taste isn’t brilliant although they’re still edible – and culinary pumpkins. The latter may be smaller but you can use them in …

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The world of Sustainability, Society and You participants

It’s been great to see so many people joining in with our upcoming MOOC Sustainability, Society and You from all over the world and in so many occupations and walks of life. Although the course hasn’t started yet it is possible to join in the Welcome discussion once you’ve signed up for the course (the …

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The top five environmental anthems

Sarah Stubbings writes: While working on our plans for the University of Nottingham’s MOOC Sustainability, Society and You, Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi was on repeat play in my head. Joni’s inspiration for the song was looking out of her hotel window in Hawaii and seeing its sublime natural beauty blighted by the sight of …

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The Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment joins the Nottingham MOOC Team

Professor Sarah Speight writes: Our upcoming MOOC ‘Sustainability, Society and You‘  is being run in association with IEMA – the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment. IEMA is a professional association that works with individuals and organisations to set, recognise and achieve global sustainability standards and practice. There are currently about 15,000 IEMA members – all …

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Coping with the carrier bag charge

How are shoppers coping after Monday 5th October when they started being asked to pay around 5p per single-use carrier bag in shops in England? Charges are already routine in Wales (since October 2011), Northern Ireland (since April 2013) and Scotland (since October 2014). The scheme is intended to protect the environment from the number …

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