October 28, 2015, by Helen Whitehead

The world of Sustainability, Society and You participants

It’s been great to see so many people joining in with our upcoming MOOC Sustainability, Society and You from all over the world and in so many occupations and walks of life. Although the course hasn’t started yet it is possible to join in the Welcome discussion once you’ve signed up for the course (the course opens next Monday 2nd November).  We are also using the hashtag #flsustain on Twitter.

It’s one of the most enjoyable features of this course each time it has run that the course team learn much from the participants. We look forward to hearing where everyone is in their individual sustainability journeys, the choices you have made and the suggestions you can offer us all.

We have a lot of students this time as there are many students joining in from the University of Nottingham’s campuses in the UK, Malaysia and China, as well as students from many other institutions around the world.

I have looked at all the messages so far and here is a map showing in blue all the countries that participants come from (69 countries so far):

Countries of participants in SSY

Participants come from a variety of professions from students and educators to auditors, engineers and architects, writers, artists and musicians, local government and public administrators, foresters and others working in environmental areas and agriculture, and the retired. Already posters have mentioned a number of partiocular interests in the area of sustainability. Here’s a tag cloud of some of the sustainability-related topics mentioned.

tree tag cloud of interests

We are all looking forward to finding out more about you as we explore Sustainability, Society and You from Monday 2nd November. Have you joined us yet?

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