January 5, 2014, by Helen Whitehead

How to join the discussion in Sustainability, Society and You

Join the discussion!  There are no real right and wrong answers in the field of sustainability. In the ‘Sustainability, Society and You’ MOOC (starting tomorrow through FutureLearn), we invite you to look at the evidence and make your own decisions especially about the actions you can take to become more sustainable and influence our society to become more sustainable.

In FutureLearn there are a number of ways you can find worthwhile comments, discussions and people to respond to. Every item in FutureLearn courses has the potential for you to comment on it, and you can reply to those comments.

  • To find out what’s currently happening in the whole course, go to the course activity page: to do this click into the course and click on the square FutureLearn logo at top left. Click Activity and you’ll see the recent activity in all the comments and discussions.
  • To locate your own posts, click into your Profile: click your picture on top right and then My Profile.  Scroll down if necessary. Under the Activity tab you can see all your own posts and, if you, wish, return to them to see if anyone has responded.
  • If you are interested in someone who has made comments or discussion posts then simply click on their name and you can click the Follow button. This lists them on your profile page under the Following tab and you can quickly visit their profiles to see their latest posts (under Activity).

The MOOC Team are looking forward to talking with everyone participating in Sustainability, Society and You as the course starts tomorrow. See you there!

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