January 4, 2014, by Helen Whitehead

Make time for the MOOC and avoid food waste!

Meal planning is a great way to avoid wasting food – and saves money and time too.  Wondering what to cook for dinner can be a minor but irritating cause of stress all day.  Having a plan means it’s easy to make a shopping list, cutting down shopping time and decisions as well as food waste. Apparently 7 million tonnes of food and drink are thrown away each year in the UK, costing the average family in the UK £700. I have tried both weekly and monthly meal planning and both have worked well at different times in my life – and definitely reduce waste.

LoveFoodHateWaste.com have a number of resources that really help with meal planning, including a Portion calculator, a two-week winter meal planner and its equivalent without meat, the shopping list for the meal plan, a blank meal planner and heaps of recipes, currently including the most delicious-looking Christmas leftover recipes.

And if you plan your meals and save all that time – you’ll have time left to join us on our MOOC ‘Sustainability, Society and You’ (starting Monday through FutureLearn).

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