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Thoughts from the TTP Conference – Sally Chappell (School of Life Sciences)

Dr Sally Chappell: “The TTP conference was a great opportunity to hear from like-minded colleagues and there’s certainly not enough room for me to mention everything that I found useful! However, there were many messages from Professor MacDonald’s keynote talk and workshop that resonated with me. The need for student to see the big picture …

Employability Rocks – Dr Judith Wayte, School of Biosciences

Video>> Dr Judith Wayte from the School of Biosciences explores the idea of employability as seen through the lens of a practitioner. This talk was given as part of a Teaching and Learning seminar on 18th March 2015.    

Learning Analytics and the Teaching Transformation Program

“In a nutshell, Learning Analytics is about taking the data that the University has and looking at what we can do with it to improve teaching and learning. The University holds information across a range of systems, such as Moodle, the Library, and Student and Assessment Records. Learning Analytics allows us to use this data …

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“Not more change!!” Professor Ranald Macdonald’s keynote speech from the 2015 TTP conference

Video >> Professor Ranald Macdonald’s keynote speech explored the nature of educational change in the complex landscape of today’s higher education. Professor Macdonald, Emeritus Professor of Academic Development, Sheffield Hallam University, is respected for his scholarship of teaching and learning in Higher Education and has written on the nature of educational change and strategies for making change for the better, and not just …

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Students as Change Agents: Promoting Collaborative Working at The University of Nottingham

Carina Neil: “I think that staff are used to collaborating with colleagues, but might not be quite sure what students have to offer. Of course, there are already lots of examples of staff working closely with students and doing some great work together, however the Students as Change Agents programme promotes a more widespread culture …

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Reviewing the 3rd Year in the School of English

Professor Jo Guy: “One of the things we’ve been told consistently by our external examiners is that we have some of the best feedback they’ve seen—the ‘gold standard’; yet this judgment is not reflected in NSS surveys. So we’ve had this problem of not being able to understand why, despite putting a great deal of …

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MOOCs & NOOCs: inspiring innovative approaches to teaching

“Nottingham has been involved in producing both MOOCs (online courses for external audiences) and NOOCs (online courses for an internal audience) since 2013, and there’s quite a bit of excitement about what’s happened in the first year and the direction we’re currently going in. I think over the past year we’ve been working out what …

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Moodle Everywhere

The Moodle Everywhere project is a central element of the Teaching Transformation Programme and involves us working across all campuses to help position Moodle as the primary resource for students.  We now have five Faculty Learning Technology Consultants who will be working with schools to support full implementation of the Moodle Everywhere mandate by the …

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Academic Development from Day One: The Department of Civil Engineering

In conversation with Dr Martin Smith and Dr Barbara Turnbull, Faculty of Engineering Martin: “I think what’s come out of our discussions with the Teaching Transformation Programme team is that we need to get students thinking about problem solving in the wider context of Civil Engineering from the start of their course, to get them …

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Lecture capture in the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies

In conversation with Professor Steve Tsang and Dr Jing Zhang Steve: “I think that there are several dimensions about lecture capture… there are always a few students who cannot attend a particular lecture, and having the lecture captured and available can be very helpful to them. There are also, occasionally, a few students who may …

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