April 23, 2015, by Teaching at Nottingham

“Not more change!!” Professor Ranald Macdonald’s keynote speech from the 2015 TTP conference

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Professor Ranald Macdonald’s keynote speech explored the nature of educational change in the complex landscape of today’s higher education. Professor Macdonald, Emeritus Professor of Academic Development, Sheffield Hallam University, is respected for his scholarship of teaching and learning in Higher Education and has written on the nature of educational change and strategies for making change for the better, and not just for change’s sake.

This year’s conference took place on Thursday 23rd April 2015. The theme was the progress made so far under the Teaching Transformation Programme (TTP). Schools across the University have engaged with projects that address their own developmental priorities from making better use of Moodle and video in teaching, to reviewing the structure of the curriculum, or getting students more involved in understanding assessment, all with the support of the Teaching and Learning Directorate (TLD) and/or Libraries, Research and Learning Resources (LRLR).

The University’s Strategy 2020 sets out a core strand to deliver Excellence in Education and Student Life with goals that include putting students at the heart of the University and ensuring teaching is of the highest quality. Activities within the TTP contribute towards achieving these goals by enabling and supporting Schools to make the changes they have identified as central to enhancing teaching.

This recording also includes the conference’s welcome address, given by Professor Alan Ford, PVC for Teaching and Learning.

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