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Moodle Everywhere

The Moodle Everywhere project is a central element of the Teaching Transformation Programme and involves us working across all campuses to help position Moodle as the primary resource for students.  We now have five Faculty Learning Technology Consultants who will be working with schools to support full implementation of the Moodle Everywhere mandate by the start of the 15-16 academic session.

Moodle Everywhere diagram

The Moodle Everywhere mandate states that all modules will use Moodle to support their delivery and Schools are increasingly fulfilling this requirement. We are also very interested in helping academic staff take that next step in using Moodle beyond the basics: we are looking for best practice to share both across and within Schools.


We have some students working with us (as part of our student engagement programme) who are going to be running some focus groups to gain feedback on the student experience of Moodle. The School of Geography is first on the list as they have identified Moodle as one of their key areas of interest under the TTP. Alongside their own Elearning manager, we are looking to see how they can make their provision even better and more effective.

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We work with School-based learning technologists, with academic Moodle champions, School managers or administrative staff – whoever is most involved in Moodle in the different Schools.  We have only fairly recently allocated the faculties within our team and we are now arranging meetings with these key people in Schools, plus Directors of Teaching, and with our student Moodle partners – to plan how to work with the staff within the School to explore how things could be done in a better way.  What Moodle Everywhere is really trying to do is to deliver is a consistent student experience working in partnership with Schools and students to inspire, advocate and support enhanced use of Moodle across the University.


Suzanne Wright

Faculty & School Support Team in Learning Technology



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