April 23, 2015, by Teaching at Nottingham

TTP School of Chemistry: improving the student experience of assessment and feedback

In recognition of the complex and multifaceted nature of the student experience of assessment, the project comprises a range of areas of activity. The primary focus is on enhancing student and staff assessment literacy. Staff assessment literacy is of paramount importance in order to achieve consistency in the application of good practices across the school. Central to the proposed good practices in assessment is the enhancement of student assessment literacy by promoting student engagement and communication regarding assessment and feedback methods, processes and practices

The project also comprises a secondary focus of activity relating to streamlining assessment and marking loads. In this area of activity, alignment of assessment to learning outcomes and an investigation of the use of technology to alleviate marking loads, where appropriate, are ongoing activities. This case serves to illustrate the nature of TTP, the depth of the enhancement sought, the nature of the process and the wholeschool engagement. The presentation will cover:

  • the TTP agenda setting process and product
  • plans and progress to date
  • discussion of approaches to managing change

Professor Robert Mokaya,
School of Chemistry

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