Learning spaces at Nottingham

December 10, 2013, by Teaching at Nottingham

Learning spaces at Nottingham

I conducted a study in autumn 2013 which aimed to assess the distribution and utilisation of innovative teaching and learning spaces across UK campuses of The University, and to establish how these spaces might contribute to the student experience using feedback from colleagues and benchmarking at other institutions. I looked in particular at rooms which provided flexible learning space, using either furniture or technology as an aid to learning (be that through increased facility for collaboration, participation or understanding), and indeed if these two features could be used together to mutually enhance this benefit.

Benchmarking at other institutions had shown substantial developments in this area, with significant investments being made towards re-envisaging space and its functions for the modern learner.

The study showed considerable resource available at Nottingham, but with a need to reconceptualise the way space was perceived and promoted – as a fixed and non-fluid entity. Further research is underway to work on ways to maximise benefit to staff and students, and an event is planned for April 2014 to give colleagues the opportunity to see workable developments and discuss how these might be used to enhance their teaching in the future.

The Learning Spaces report can be found at the Teaching and Learning Workspace site

Laura Higgins
Teaching and Learning Directorate

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